Features of Your Mobile Veterinary Hospital Website

VetNetwork will develop your veterinary hospital's mobile website to fit the size and requirements of a mobile device. This will create an exceptional user experience by enabling your website to load quickly and efficiently. A typical mobile phone user expects a site to load under three seconds, which can only be achieved through proper design and programming. A mobile veterinary website will raise your Google search rankings and increase your hospital's advertising reach and visibility.

Your Veterinary Mobile Website Homepage

A mobile user wants accurate information fast. The content on your hospital's mobile homepage should be limited to the most important and relevant information about your practice. The standout branding of your veterinary hospital will remain intact but images and text better suited to a larger format will be removed. Your homepage will clearly display your logo, address, click-to-call phone number and an easy-to-use navigation bar.

Along with your homepage, the following sections are included in your mobile website:

  • About Us – This section should describe your hospital's approach to animal care, the basic environment of your hospital, and unique information that will create a great first impression of your veterinary hospital.
  • Location – Providing mobile phone users with directions is essential. Approximately 60% of people who find your hospital through a mobile online search will come in for a visit. Therefore, your mobile-friendly site should include an easy-to-read map that directs your visitors to your hospital from all directions.
  • Services – Visitors want only a brief description of the services you offer. We'll design this in a concise, bulleted format. A mobile user wants to be sure that they are on their way to a hospital that provides the services your client's pet needs. It's that simple.
  • Veterinarians – Short bios and photos are included in this section. This is an excellent way for visitors to meet you and your veterinary team before bringing their pet to the hospital for medical care.
  • Testimonials – A few concise, easy-to-read testimonials reassures visitors that they are taking their pet to an exceptional veterinary hospital.
  • Contact Us – Mobile device users expect a way to contact your hospital directly. This page is important for creating, building and maintaining ongoing relationships with your mobile visitors and clients.
  • Emergencies – 24-hour emergency contact information is made available with one simple click.

In a few weeks, we will be able to add your blog to your mobile website. Your blog posting will be available to your mobile website visitors in an easy-to-read format.

The team of designers and developers at VetNetwork will ensure that your mobile site includes all these critical features and are presented in a clear and compelling design that promotes your veterinary practice. We use our expertise to highlight yours.

If you want the right mobile website for your hospital, contact VetNetwork. We can have your mobile-friendly veterinary website live in just a few days.

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