Your Veterinary Hospital Needs To Go Mobile

First and Foremost...It's All About the Numbers

Mobile web browsing has increased by a whopping 1000 percent in the past two years, and it continues to grow rapidly. Now, more people access the internet from mobile devices than from desktop or laptop computers. Furthermore, they are spending a lot of time looking at their mobile screens — an average of two hours a day.

The bottom line? You simply will not reach all the pet owners in your area — and all your potential clients — if you do not have a mobile-friendly veterinary website.

A Mobile Website For Your Veterinary Hospital Is What Pet Owners Want

You have a well-designed veterinary hospital website that beautifully captures the feel of your practice. However, when viewed on a mobile device's small screen, all the elements that make the site such an effective selling tool are lost. The layout looks cramped and cluttered. Users are constantly forced to awkwardly enlarge parts of your site to read the content and click on your navigational links. If they want to call you, they have to either toggle back and forth between your site and their keypad or highlight, copy, and paste your phone number into the keypad screen. Both options are clumsy, time consuming, and are just frustrating enough to send an impatient pet owner to one of your veterinary hospital competitors who has a mobile site.

Today's mobile phone users expect to see a website that loads in just a few seconds and delivers relevant information in an accessible and easy-to-view format along with a click-to-call phone number that makes reaching you possible with a touch of a finger. This is why a veterinary hospital website created specifically for mobile viewing can generate twice as much traffic as a traditional website.

Mobile Veterinary Hospital Websites Created by VetNetwork

This all adds up to powerful proof that your veterinary hospital needs a mobile website to stay current and competitive. If your practice doesn't have a mobile-friendly veterinary website that is specifically designed and developed for mobile devices, you are probably losing business.

VetNetwork is the recognized leader in creating well-designed, user-friendly mobile veterinary hospital websites that deliver all the information pet owners want. It is an investment in your practice that your can't afford not to make.

View our portfolio of user-friendly mobile websites for veterinarians, and then contact us. We can have your mobile website live in just a few days!